Richard Quest
CNN anchor Richard Quest was arrested on Friday night after police found a bag of methamphetamine in his pocket. Police had stopped Quest because he was violating curfew at Central Park.

The park curfew is 1 A.M. and the park does not reopen until 6 A.M.. When Quest was stopped, and by the time he was arrested, it was 3:40 A.M. The police officer that stopped Quest found a bag containing methamphetamine in his pocket.

While he was arrested on misdemeanor charges of loitering and also on a charge of possessing methamphetamine, it does not appear
he will spend any time in jail. An agreement was reached during his arraignment between the Manhattan District Attorney's office and Quest.

The judge has agreed to drop the methamphetamine charge if Quest successfully completes counseling for six months. Part of the agreement was that no restrictions would be made on Quest's traveling.

"Mr. Quest did not realize that the park had a curfew, and was returning to his hotel with friends," said Alan Abramson, Quest's attorney. Not only will the charges be dropped should he complete therapy, but his records would also be sealed.