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Sandra Bullock Involved in a Car Crash With Drunk Driver
By Amy Ryan
Published on 04/19/2008
Actress Sandra Bullock, and her husband Jesse James, were involved in a minor car accident involving a drunk driver Friday night. It resulted with no injuries, and the alleged drunken driver was arrested.

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James in Drunken Car Accident
Uber-famous actress, Sandra Bullock, along with hubby, Jesse James, were involved in a minor car accident Friday evening at around 9:50. Bullock was in Massachusetts shooting her latest film, 'The Proposal'.

Whilst Bullock and James were being driven down East Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts, their car was struck by another. Witnesses stated the vehicle was driving erratically prior to the hit. Lucille Gatchell, the driver of the vehicle that struck Bullock's, was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

One witness stated Gatchell crossed over a white line and went head on into the car Bullock was being chauffeured in. Luckily, Sandra's driver was only driving 15 miles an hour.

This resulted with no injuries and no damage to their own vehicle.

The Lieutenant on the scene stated Bullock was actually worried about the well being of her car's drunken opponent.

Gatchell tested two and a half times the legal alcohol limit, but suffered no major injuries. She was taken into custody later that evening. She has since been released and will be appearing in court Tuesday.