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Vanessa Hudgens made her big screen debut in 2003 appearing in the Hollywood films ' Thirteen' and 'Thunderbirds'. Though, she reached her fame in 2006 for her role as Gabriella on the hit movie series 'High School Musical'.

This beautiful teen icon also became a Neutrogena spokesperson in 2007. But not only is she claiming fame from her TV and film appearances, this 19 year old pop star has a voice too. She laid down vocals on the 'High School Musical' soundtracks, and released her first solo debut album 'V' in 2006.

In 2007, she was a hot topic in the media by something not too unfamiliar
for a pop star, the dreaded, Nude Photo Scandal.

Costar/ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron, supposedly leaked nude photos Vanessa had taken of herself. The scandal was threatening to Disney's wholesome reputation, and was thought to destroy 'High School Musical's rising popularity, leaving its teen fans disappointed.

Although her past crept back up to haunt her, like so many pop stars these days, it hasn't stopped her from making a new album.

So fans can now get ready for Vanessa's new single, 'Sneakernight'. It will be available on iTunes, Tuesday, May 20.

Her upcoming album, "Identified', is due out on Tuesday, June 24.