Isaiah Thomas
Some people believe that Isiah Thomas was one of the best NBA basketball players that ever played. That on-court success, however, has not translated to success as a head coach. On Friday, Thomas was fired from his job coaching the New York Knicks.

Thomas had previously lost his role in the front office with New York when Donnie Walsh took over as the Knicks President. Walsh said through a conference call that Thomas would remain with the team.

"I think Isiah remaining part of the franchise is good for the organization. I value Isiah's
knowledge of the game and his opinions, so I will use him as a resource. Isiah will be reporting to me. There will be nobody reporting to Isiah," Walsh said.

The Knicks have not given a formal name to the position that Thomas will have with the team. The team owes Thomas $18 million, so the team might have felt that firing him outright would have been a smart move.

Thomas' coaching and front office career with the Knicks has been tumultuous. He has had various run ins with his players, mainly Stephon Marbury. He also has been heavily ridiculed by Knick fans.