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Uma Thurman In Court, But Not For Stalker Trial
By Amy Ryan
Published on 04/18/2008
Uma Thurman came close to having to tell producers she could not be on the set of her new movie. She was bailed out, however, after she was not chosen to participate in jury duty.

Thurman To Be In Court For Stalking Trial
Uma Thurman has been patiently waiting for the trial of Jackson Jordan. He is accused of stalking the star. While waiting, she was back in a court room for jury selection.

Thurman did not make it on to the jury of a case that was only a misdemeanor. She was not happy that she was not chosen, but had she been, it might have caused a scheduling problem for the star.

"I was on jury duty downtown. It was a misdemeanor case. I wasn't selected, but I got quite excited by the thought of it. But I was nervous, because if it's been a long case it would have caused problems. How do you tell that to the producers of a movie," Thurman said.

When she does end up back in court it will be in the case of Jordan. He is accused of trying to get into Thurman's trailer on a movie shoot.

That trial has been delayed a couple times. It is not yet known exactly when that trial will eventually take place.