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Debbie Gibson is still spending her time touring the world playing songs from yesterday. Her legions of fans still show up to her concerts. One fan, has not missed a concert in six years. That fan, however, was hit with a restraining order this week.

Jordi Bassas Puigdollers claims to be one of Debbie Gibson's biggest fans. Gibson feels that the Spanish man has crossed the boundaries of being a fan, and had asked for a restraining order against him.

Police were called by Gibson after Puigdollers came to her front door. She told police she was
in fear for her life. The man claims he has meant no harm.

He traveled the world attending her concerts. He says that he seeks autographs from Gibson for other fans who cannot go to the shows. "I understand that she wants her privacy. I would like to say I'm sorry. I don't want problems and I don't want to bother her so much," said Puigdollers.

The restraining order was granted. He cannot go within 100 feet of Gibson, except at concerts, where he can get within ten feet. Puigdollers says that he still plans on attending her concerts. He is scheduled to go to five concerts in May.