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Motley Crue toured with Aerosmith back in 2006. Now, they have created something similar to Ozzfest, only for a younger crowd. The band will be hitting the road starting in July in West Palm Beach.

Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, and Nikki Sixx, will be headlining the tour, that will also feature other bands. The group has created Crue Fest, which will play live in 41 cities over the summer.

Papa Roach, Trapt, Sixx:AM, and Buckcherry will be the other bands accompanying the Crue. "We've been wanting
to do this forever. And we're finally doing it," said drummer, Tommy Lee.

July 2nd will be the opening show of the tour. It will be in West Palm Beach. The band is touring with other bands that live the rock and roll lifestyle, although, they themselves, will not be doing much partying.

"The second we hit the stage, everything is exactly the same. But when the house lights go up these days, everybody leaves and goes back to their hotel room, or bus, or airplane or whatever. It's different now. People have families and kids," said Lee.