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David Ortiz is the face of the Boston Red Sox. Like people once looked at Ted Williams, Darrell Evans, Jim Rice, and Nomar Garciaparra, they now look to Big Papi to light the fire for the Sox.

This year, however, Ortiz is off to a horrendous start at the plate. He will have to draw on the personality that has made him who he is to get through this early season slump.

The slump has been so bad for Ortiz, that he enters Wednesday's action with the chance of his average dipping below .100. The Mendoza line, which is a way to judge baseball hitting futility,
is .200. That shows just how much Ortiz has struggled.

While it is still early, Ortiz must break out of his slump in order for Boston to keep their place as many people's pick to win the World Series. Even with Ortiz slumping, fans of the team do not believe Ortiz will remain down for long.

"He's Big Papi, he's one of the best clutch hitters in baseball. when the time comes, and we really need him, he'll come through," said lifelong Red Sox fan Josh Childer. Boston has not used Ortiz's slow start as an excuse, the team still entered Tuesday's action in first place in the American League East.