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Some people believe that Steven Colbert likes to be the center of attention. If that is the case, he will be right at home this week in Philadelphia as he takes his show on the road.

Colbert will be taking his show on the road so he can cover the highly anticipated Democratic presidential primary in Pennsylvania. The primary could determine whether Senator Hillary Clinton stays in the race.

Colbert, who himself made a brief run for the presidency, which was cut short when his Hollywood writers went on strike, will now be in the state that for some time has been targeted
as one of the most important in the Democratic primary race. Senator Clinton held a double digit lead in exit polls a few weeks ago over front-runner Barack Obama. However, Obama has sliced into that lead severely.

As far as doing a show on the road, Colbert feels just like he did when he was just starting out.

"It's like doing the show all over again. It's like October 2005 because it's a new set, new graphics, coming up with a new opening every night, trying to give everything special touches." said Colbert.

The show is expected to bring some humor into a race that has, in the past weeks, turned ugly.