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Norah Jones has made a name for herself as a singer, but she was too young to hang her hat on that for the rest of her life. At 29, Jones is set to make her big screen debut in the movie "My Blueberry Nights".

The movie is set to open on Friday, and Jones will be the lead actress in a movie that also stars Natalie Portman. Jude Law will be the leading man in the movie.

Jones wanted to get into acting, so she began taking a few acting classes. The director of the movie,
however, approached her, and asked that she not continue with the acting classes.

""I want you to be natural," was what director Wong Kar-wai, told Jones. Against the advice of several of her friends, Jones took the role and also dropped the acting classes. The lack of preparation actually eased the pressure on Jones.

While she enjoyed the experience of acting, she claims that she will not be quick to jump into another role. That may be good news to fans who enjoy what she was doing before. Singing.