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Foxy Brown has been serving her prison sentence at Riker's Island in New York. She was sentenced to jail time after violating her probation.

Brown has had several run ins with the law that have led to arrests. The violation of probation charge landed her a one year sentence at Riker's Island, back in September.

She has been serving her sentence, but according to her manager, jail has not been easy for the singer. "They had her on continuous lockdown just because she was a celebrity. They were trying to break her
spirit," said Chaz Williams.

Brown is not just going through the motions in her last days in jail. She is prepared to release an album that has been delayed several times. It is due out on May 13th. Other opportunities will also be waiting when she is released, according to Williams.

"She's going to get on top of her career again. She's ready to hit the ground running and do anything she needs to to get her career back on point," he said. Possibilities outside of music include a reality show and a documentary about her life, claims Williams.