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Every year on American Idol at some point in the competition there is a surprise. This year, that surprise came on Thursday night's Idol elimination show.

Michael Johns was one of the rockers of the final twelve contestants. His performances drew mixed reviews from the judges from week to week, but for the most part, they felt he belonged.

When it was announced that Johns was eliminated, the judges, especially Paul Abdul, looked shocked.

The two that accompanied him to the
bottom three were Carly Smithson, and Syesha Mercado. Either of whom could have been eliminated before Johns, according to show analyst Jim Scalbert.

"When they announced Johns to be leaving, I could not believe America voted him off," Scalbert said.

Kristy Lee Cook said on Tuesday night that her goal for the week was to not be in the bottom three. That goal was reached after what the judges felt was one of her better performances.

The show continues next Tuesday, but only one rocker, David Cook, remains.