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Major magazines, as well as big-time newspapers across the United States, are reporting on the exciting 17th birthday of pop star Jamie Lynn Spears.

Paparazzi caught the teen shopping at a Wal-Mart, then having dinner at a Ruby Tuesday. She did all this exciting activity with baby-daddy, and current fiance, Casey Aldridge.

The ill-conceived baby is due sometime this summer and sources say the couple is happy. Photos of the birthday girl on her day out caught her smiling all while looking healthy and plump.

Lynn Spears and her sister, Britney Spears, have been the source of major paparazzi enjoyment since both have become pregnant out of wed-lock while still quite young. Britney is trying to turn her image around, starting with her current appearance on the TV show, 'How I Met Your Mother'. Her acting gig got decent reviews from critics.

Jamie Lynn has not yet caused as much drama in the news as Britney, but she is still young and the odds are decent that she will follow in the similar path as her big sister, although she has some big smelly shoes to fill.