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The New Kids on the Block began an era of music in the 1990's that many have tried to forget. As the grandpas of the boy band era the NKOTB stand in history. For some, the music of the band evoke memories that carried them through childhood.

Now, as the bands members approach middle age, something inside was telling them they could once again find the magic that made them special. The band has not been together in fourteen years.

That will all change soon, however.

The band showed up on the set of the "Today"
show and announced plans to once again perform together. They have gone their seperate ways since being one of the biggest bands of their time, until now.

Donny Walberg has become a successful actor, while other members of the band have stayed in the music industry.

Not only is this reunion just a way to earn money. The group is also working on a new album, and the tour is expected to bring plenty of the dance moves that made the group popular.

The "Today" show will be the stage for the group's first live concert in over ten years.