Most Recent Celebrity News

Britney Spears was so bad at last year's MTV awards, many thought she would take a mulligan and dance this year.
Late-night television stars David Letterman and Jay Leno may be breaking an icy rivalry after Letterman expressed sympathy for the "Tonight Show" host and invited him on Letterman's "Late Show".
Despite pleas and commandments from Barack Obama, his numerous supporters in the media are conducting as biased a smear campaign against Sarah Palin as any the Republicans have perpetrated in the past.
Movie director Michael Moore displayed his callousness and commitment to zealotry by cheering Hurricane Gustav, as the impending destruction might disrupt the Republican Convention.
Barack Obama was to give a speech that no one would expect, then MSNBC analysts got a hold of the speech and started prematurely reading it to its viewers. MSNBC acted like spoiled children who search for their presents before Christmas morning.
Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, is so used to special treatment that he obliviously posted on his blog complaining that gas prices are so high he has to forego his private jet.
Dancing With The Stars producers have once again showed that they can span many eras with their contestants. Cloris Leachman becomes the oldest person ever to compete, the actress is 82 years old.
American Idol is making changes thanks to their lowest ratings in years. The move to bring on a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi, could mean a battle between DioGuardi and longtime judge, Paula Abdul.
Madonna's virulent attack on John McCain may be a blessing in disguise for McCain, as alienation from the pop curiosity that Madonna has become may be be more helpful than harmful.
Miley Cyrus is turning sixteen, and unlike other child superstars she will not be spending her birthday boozing. Instead, Cyrus is likely to be hungover on excitement after her fundraiser party at Disneyland in California.
Olympic hopefuls Sanya Richards and Lolo Jones both fought through obstacles in their lives with determination and discipline, reaching the finals of their respective track events...
Former "Married With Children" star Christina Applegate confirmed she has had a double mastectomy to both remove the cancer she had contracted and prevent future occurrences.
Tropical Storm Fay moved through Florida on Tuesday morning bringing with it heavy rains that produced water damage, the storm threatens two American Idol concerts that are set for Wednesday and Thursday in Sunrise and Tampa, Florida.
Donnie Wahlberg is concentrating his efforts these days on a reunion tour with "New Kids on The Block". Before going out on the tour Wahlberg and his wife Kim have both separately filed for divorce.
The world's favorite ex-virgin, Madonna, turned fifty on Saturday, and she marked the occasion by cavorting and cuddling with husband Guy Ritchie, celebrating their newly invigorated relationship.
The word is that Kim Kardashian is prepared to give up much of her biggest asset. The would-be celebrity has told Radar magazine she is dieting and exercising to try to get into better shape.
With an ass bigger than Kim Kardashian, more rumors about him than a Madonna adoption, and supposedly on the short list to be Jennifer Aniston's next man, here comes Bigfoot.
Worldwide Entertainment Group has a problem with Paris Hilton. The movie company is suing Hilton because they believe she did not live up to her obligation to movies that she was supposed to be promoting.
Michael Phelps has to look up no more. He captured the 200 Butterfly event at the Olympics and has now set a record for the most gold medals by any athlete in Olympic history.
Rielle Hunter, the latest in what has become a lengthy list of supposed celebrities made famous simply for lack of sexual discretion, is now making headlines for her reputed swipes at Elizabeth Edwards. Edwards, the wife of former Presidential candidate John Edwards, was undergoing very serious cancer treatments at the time her husband dallied with Hunter.
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